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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a central theme in the policy of PAT Europe. Our head office is fully energy neutral, we offer a workplace to people with a disadvantage in the employment market and we give – as recognised training company – students the opportunity to gain work experience within our organisation. 

Energy neutral

With the construction of our new main office we searched for new possibilities as much as possible to use energy more efficiently. After a research of Visser elektrotechniek we came to the joyful conclusion that we could work completely energy neutral.
That PAT Europe now operates completely energy neutral is due to the solar energy system based on the worldwide tested SolarEdge technology. This system – consisting of 336 solar panels – is placed in the east-west setup. This setup ensures for a consistent power output throughout the day. A nice distribution for peak moments in the morning – as the vehicle fleet is charged – and the peak moments in the afternoon – when it is the turn on the electric forklift trucks and the stackers. Plus, the complete warehouse is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting.

People with a disadvantage in the employment market

We find it important to add something socially as wholesaler. Therefore, we offer people with a disadvantage in the employment market a workplace. We enjoy that we can make a difference this way for this group.
There is also a partnership with a number of sheltered workshops in the region to also offer something to this group of people. They perform weekly packing work activities for us.

Recognised training company

PAT Europe offers students the possibility to gain work experience within our organisation. There are possibilities on various departments to follow both a BOL (professional training) as BBL (professional assistance) internship. Due to the flat organisation structure students do not only learn different substantive work activities but also how you act within an organisation and how you deal with colleagues.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

Due to the activities of PAT Europe in Asia the organisation takes part in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). This initiative has the objective to assure good employment circumstances. Hereby the following can be considered:
  • Facilities for a safe and healthy shop floor
  • No forced and child labour
  • Payment of at least the guaranteed minimum wage
  • Employment duration and overtime
  • Regulated participation
We find it important that we not only have a corporate social responsibility within the own organisation but also where this is possible in the other industries that we come into contact with.