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Wholesale camping equipment

Wholesale camping equipment - Our primary aim at PAT Europe is to provide your business with a wide ranging and high quality stock of outdoor products and camping equipment for all purposes. Rest assured, your customers will find the accessories and supplies for all their camping needs in our assortment of wholesale products. Browse our selection of camping equipment below.

Wholesale camping equipment - PAT Europe

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Are you searching for a reliable distributor for your wholesale camping equipment and camping gear needs? Browse our selection of wholesale camping equipment and gear. Order conveniently through our online webshop.


Tent accessories distributor

The accessories used for pitching a tent are among the main types of camping equipment, and they are a necessary part of any camping experience. We supply a wide range of wholesale tent accessories to businesses of any size, with each of our products being of a high standard guaranteed to satisfy your customers. Our selection of tent pegs, peg pullers, hammers and guy ropes are just a few of the camping essentials we have on offer at PAT Europe.


Wholesale camping equipment supplier

We also stock all the equipment necessary to make your customers’ camping experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. They can enjoy meals at the campsite with our cup and food holders, dispose of their waste using a bin bag holder, and keep their items in order with one of our hanging organisers. Whatever camping gear and equipment your consumers demand, PAT Europe can supply and deliver it to your business on a wholesale basis. You have the option of taking on our products in their original ProPlus branding and packaging, or selling them under your own branding with our flexible private labelling service. However you wish to present our campsite products to your customers, we are here to help.


Camping gear for protection

In order to maintain a pleasant and efficient campsite, campers must ensure that they have all the camping equipment necessary to protect their tents and belongings. This may involve keeping their tents free from insects with a door fly screen, or perhaps keeping objects in place with a non slip mat. On the understanding that these small functions make a big difference to the camping experience of your customers, these products and more are included in our assortment of essential camping gear and equipment.


PAT Europe is your trusted trade partner for camping equipment and camping gear

Wholesale camping equipment

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