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Why choose Aquaroll & Wastemaster?

Both the Aquaroll and Wastemaster are manufactured to the highest standards using virgin food grade material. This ensures a durable and quality product which customers have come to expect. We also offer a 10 year container guarantee with every Aquaroll and Wastemaster sold. The Aquaroll rolling water carrier and the Wastemaster  portable waste carrier, have both become iconic and essential items for caravanning and camping.


The Aquaroll is the UK’s best-selling portable water carrier that rolls across the ground making light work of freshwater transportation. The original design was created in 1953 and evolved over the years, resulting in the current 40 Litre model. The Aquaroll is manufactured in Shropshire, England. The latest model now has an additional side neck, which allows filling using an Aquaroll Mains Adaptor.


The Wastemaster allows the user to conveniently collect and dispose of grey water from any caravan or motorhome. Along with our industry leading Aquaroll, the Wastemaster has become an essential accessory for caravans and motorhomes. Along with the Aquaroll, the Wastemaster is manufactured in Shropshire. Each Wastemaster is hand trimmed to ensure a quality product which is built to last. Every Wastemaster sold comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s container guarantee.

Mains Adaptor

The Aquaroll Mains Adaptor provides you with a safe and reliable way to maintain a constant supply of water to your caravan or motorhome. The Mains Adaptor allows for easy connectivity to the mains water supply on any super pitch. 

Because the Mains Adapter fits easily on your existing Aquaroll, the water supply to your caravan or motorhome is maintained. Using this system gives you peace of mind that the water pressure never flows directly into your caravan or motor home.