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Wholesale car parts

At PAT Europe, we supply high-quality automotive accessories guaranteed to meet all your customers’ needs. From maintenance products to car protection products and various accessories for both interiors and exteriors, our extensive stock offers all goods necessary to please the end users in this lucrative market. Our products are all available on a wholesale basis for businesses, whether under our own ProPlus brand name and packaging or under your own unique designs.

Wholesale car parts - PAT Europe

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 Looking for a reliable car accessories distributor? Browse our selection of wholesale car parts and order directly through our online webshop.


PAT Europe is your trusted supplier and trader for wholesale car parts

The need for high quality car accessories is constantly growing alongside the amount of useful products available to consumers. At PAT Europe, we are proud to supply an extensive range of products fit to serve the many needs of the modern driver. Whether it’s taking hands-free calls with a car phone holder, ensuring a decorative vehicle with durable wheel covers, or securing heavy loads with ratchet straps and transporting bicycles with a bike carrier, our stock includes all the equipment necessary to get the job done.


Maintenance products supplier

The need for reliable maintenance products is known to all of our retailers and distributors; that’s why we provide a wide selection of car accessories to keep vehicles of any type up to scratch. Offer your customers the maintenance accessories they need to service their cars properly. They may need a scissor jack or a trolley jack to undertake repairs themselves, or perhaps a high quality car battery charger to keep their vehicles up and running. Whichever products the end consumer may need, wholesale car parts distributor PAT Europe can deliver.


Winter products trader

Given the problems brought about by snow and ice, cars often require a bit of extra attention in those winter months. Guarantee your customers’ peace of mind during the holiday season by stocking your business with the full range of necessary car accessories. PAT Europe can provide everything from snow chains and ice scrapers to anti-frost windscreen covers, either under our own ProPlus branding or as white label products with branding of your choice.


Distributor for car protection products

We understand that cars deserve to be taken care of and protected against the elements when not in use. We can provide your business with all the car protection accessories required by drivers who take pride in their vehicles. Your customers can keep their cars clean and safe when not in use with our premium car covers and save their spare tyres from wear and tear with a protective tyre cover from our selection.

Wholesale car parts

PAT Europe

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