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341523 Spindle brake with roller

- Especially suitable as (additional) handbrake/parking brake for on the tow cable of a trailer/trailer/horse trailer/boat trailer
- Suitable for handbrake mechanism with long and short handbrake cable
- Can be fitted on the left or right of the trailer

The roller of this mechanical (hand) brake/parking brake slides out at the bottom when the spindle is turned and then pushes on the brake cable of the (agricultural) vehicle, activating the brake.

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Spindle brakes, Spindle brake with roller

Article number: 341523
Barcode: 8719946011620
Weight including packaging: 3480gramme
Weight (net.): 3480 gram
Outer weight: 14,24 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 4
Quantity per inner carton: -
Quantity per pallet: 168
Packed article: 215x402x50 mm
Dimension inner carton: - mm
Size outer: 450x260x120 mm
CBM outer: 0.01404 m3