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240014 Sun visor extender

- Easy to mount to every existing sun visor
- Helps prevent dazzle when the sun is low
- Adjustable in ideal position so that sun rays are stopped without loss of visibility on the road
- Suitable for both the driver and the passenger place
- Equipped with night vision
- ATTENTION: position the sun visor extender in a position where the road is visible through the window and not through the sun visor extender

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Article number: 240014
Barcode: 8718546654893
Weight including packaging: 400gramme
Weight (net.): 280 gram
Outer weight: 5,43 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 12
Quantity per inner carton: -
Quantity per pallet: 360
Packed article: 65x328x177 mm
Dimension inner carton: - mm
Size outer: 345x425x380 mm
CBM outer: 0.0557175 m3