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341082S Gummibælg til bremsegreb 45/60mm L=120 i blister

- Protects the overrun brake's slide rail from dust, dirt and moisture

A coupling gaiter for an overrun brake protects the slide rod of the overrun brake from dust, dirt and moisture. During braking, the slide rod slides in as the trailer or trailer pushes on. This activates the brakes. The slide rod is made of steel and greased to slide as smoothly as possible. The coupling gaiter prevents dirt and dust from getting onto the grease and thus allows the slide rod to do its best work. As the coupling gaiter is exposed to all weather conditions, it should be replaced in good time to keep the overrun brake well protected.

Coupling gaiter replacement:
Important when replacing are type and/or brand of the overrun brake (found on the type plate of the overrun brake), this determines the size of the coupling gaiter.
Measuring the diameter on the coupling side and the diameter on the overrun brake side yourself is also an option. Note recesses for e.g. the mounting bolts of the ball coupling.
Using spanner 19, dismantle the bolts/nuts of the coupling and remove the coupling gaiter. Fit the new coupling gaiter. This can be tied down with a tie-wrap.
Replace clutch and fit bolts/nuts with spanner or ratchet 19.


Coupling bellow, Coupling dust cover

Varenummer: 341082S
Stregkode: 8718546659386
Vægt inkl. emballage: 136,9gram
Nettovægt: 93 gram
Outer weight: 1,91 kg
Antal i ydre karton: 10
Antal i indre karton: -
Mængde pr. palle: 400
Emne pakket: 110x150x90 mm
Dimension indre karton: - mm
Format udvendig: 390x290x190 mm
CBM ydre karton: 0.021489 m3