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330287 Cinta de amarre con trinquete + 2 garfios de 300cm 750kg auto-retractable

- Offers optimal protection against rain, snow, ices, sun, dust and other dirt
- Ideal for use during transportation of the bicycles on the bike carrier or in the bicycle racks
- Ideal for use during transportation of the bicycles behind the caravan or camper (to store the bike)
- Made from durable and high-quality nylon
- Equipped with robust tension cord and hooks for optimal fastening and fit

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Número de artículo: 330287
Código de barras: 8717568790022
Peso incl. embalaje: 700gramos
Peso neto: 540 gram
Outer weight: 7,75 kg
Cantidad por caja exterior: 10
Cantidad por caja interior: -
Cantidad por palé: 200

Artículo empaquetado: 90x248x301 mm

Dimensión de cartón interior: - mm
Talla exterior: 525x315x470 mm
CBM caja exterior: 0.07772625 m3