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240136 Clip para cinturón de seguridad, juego de 2 unidades gris plateado

- Prevents the grinding along the neck of the seat belt
- Easy to install in the vehicle
- If the belt is too high, it can also be attached to the lap belt; slide the belt through the clip in a position that it no longer reaches the neck
- The belt must always be worn in the correct manner and must continue to function for which it is intended
- Only use the product to relieve pressure on the shoulder
- The use of the belt clip is at your own risk and the legal requirements for wearing the seat belt must be observed

Palabra clave

Car seat belt stopper, Seat belt adjuster

Número de artículo: 240136
Código de barras: 8717249101239
Peso incl. embalaje: 40gramos
Peso neto: 10 gram
Outer weight: 11,71 kg
Cantidad por caja exterior: 200
Cantidad por caja interior: 50
Cantidad por palé: 2000

Artículo empaquetado: 169x103x15 mm

Dimensión de cartón interior: - mm
Talla exterior: 405x385x380 mm
CBM caja exterior: 0.0592515 m3