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343544 Adattatore-illuminazione a LED da 13- a 13-poli

- LED-CANBUS-converter 12V
- Suitable for 12V only
- Resolves disturbances, or other strange side effects, when using LED lights in combination with your car or a towed vehicle
- Easily mounted on a trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer or caravan
- Can be used with almost all 12 V LED lamps and always works properly with 95% of cars
- The intelligent electronic system communicates with the CAN-BUS system on the towed vehicle
- From 13- to 13-pin

Parola chiave

LED Canbus dummy adaptor, LED dummy load, LED dummy loads, Can Bus kit, Load resistor for LED lighting, LED Can-Bus dummy adapter

Numero articolo: 343544
Codice a barre: 8718546654954
Peso incl. confezione: 420grammi
Peso netto: 310gram
Outer weight: 10,88 kg
Quantità per scatola esterna: 24
Quantità per scatola interna: 12
Quantità per pallet: 288
Articolo imballato: 77x168x219mm
Dimensione scatola interna: 377x463x300mm
Taglia esterno: 480x380x520mm
CBM scatola esterna: 0,094848m3