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190546 BRUNOX® Epoxy spray 150ml convertisseur de rouille

- Anticorrosion-system

- Rust neutralizer
- Epoxy primer
- For the industrial maintenance of structures, plants, machines, vehicles etc.
- BRUNOX® epoxy is the patented Anticorrosion-system on an epoxy-resin base. The amber-coloured, clear liquid forms a metal-organic iron complex with the neutralized rust. This black, very compact and resistant protective layer, which is formed, guarantees long-term corrosion protection and is at the same time a perfect primer coat because of the epoxy-resin components. It is most suitable for overhauling machines, plants, vehicles. Because of its high penetration into the rust pores and its perfect film formation (no brush traces) it guarantees a high level of effectiveness and further treatment.

- Remove loose rust, grease, dirt and paint residues infiltrated with rust with a wire brush, grinding wheel etc.. BRUNOX® epoxy is applied in 2-3 coats to the remaining porous rust with a brush, roller, spray gun or in several coats from the handy CFC free BRUNOX® epoxy spray can.
- BRUNOX® epoxy is very suitable for dipping and sealing closed containers. A top coat must then be applied.

- BRUNOX® epoxy is free from heavy metals and from mineral acid
- BRUNOX® epoxy can be stored for an unlimited period in well sealed bottles and be thinned with acetone

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Antirouille et couche de fond, Système de rénovation antirouille, Brunox

Numéro d'article: 190546
Code barre : 7610567930011
Poids incl. emballage : 176grammes
Poids (net) : 170 gram
Outer weight: 2,19 kg
Quantité dans le carton extérieur : 12
Quantité dans chaque carton intérieur : -
Quantité par palette : 2016
Article emballé : 49x49x152 mm
Carton intérieur de dimension : - mm
Taille emballage : 200x150x155 mm
CBM carton extérieur : 0.00465 m3