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MM_687066 5IN1 Petrol injection cleaner Pro 5 liter

- Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters
- Removes blocking dirt residues with 1 treatment
- Opens blocked injectors
- Restores power
- Reduces fuel consumption
- More constant idling
- 310 ml sufficient for 50 liters of fuel
- For all petrol engines (with or without turbo)
- Minimizes the chance of malfunctions
- Improves combustion and restores engine power

Parola chiave

5in1, 5 in 1, 5 IN 1, Fuel Fighter, Fuel improver

Numero articolo: MM_687066
Codice a barre: 8718226870667
Peso incl. confezione: 4622grammi
Peso netto: 4507gram
Outer weight: 20,00 kg
Quantità per scatola esterna: 4
Quantità per scatola interna: -
Quantità per pallet: 120
Articolo imballato: -mm
Dimensione scatola interna: -mm
Taglia esterno: 158x115x295mm
CBM scatola esterna: 0,00536015m3