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340324 Daken® Cassetta porta attrezzi Welvet 28,5 L / 34,0x41,0x34,8cm

- Toolbox made of polypropylene by injection moulding.
- Reinforced structure to ensure solidity and durability.
- Cylinder lock to ensure maximum security against thefts and mishandling.
- Internal PVC seal against water and dust ingress.
- Smooth interior surface.
- First choice plastic material with high resistance to UV rays (accelerated weathering test), flammability, fuel and lubricating oil, high and low temperatures.

Parola chiave

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Numero articolo: 340324
Codice a barre: 2232536000010
Peso incl. confezione: 3500grammi
Peso netto: 3000gram
Outer weight: - kg
Quantità per scatola esterna: 1
Quantità per scatola interna: -
Quantità per pallet: 30
Articolo imballato: 365x422x365mm
Dimensione scatola interna: -mm
Taglia esterno: 420x370x370mm
CBM scatola esterna: 0.057498m3