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MM_687940 Marternator Ultraääni marten repeller

Ultrasonic repeller used to drive away rodent pests such as martens, mice and rats from the engine compartment of a vehicle

Animal friendly by using supersound & light flash

1. ON/OFF switch
2. Ultrasonic speaker
3. Power indicator
4. Cable Port
5. Function indicator
6. Cable

- Power supply: DC12V
- Ultrasonic frequency: 22-45 kHz
- Power consumption: 0.6W
- Sound pressure: 90dB
- Operating temperature range: approx. -30 °C to 70 °C

1) Connect the two connectors with the car battery, black lead/cathode(-), red lead/anode(+).
2) Fasten the unit to other cables with included nylon cable ties.
3) Turn on the power and the switch. The power indicator (red) and function indicator (white light) will remain on for 3 seconds. The machine will start working and emits ultrasound.

When the vehicle starts, the vibration of the car signals the unit. The power indicator flashes in red and the unit will stop working.
When the vehicle stops, the vibration ends and after 90 seconds the unit will start working.

The vehicles that are powered by a 12V battery, cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks etc. We do not recommend to install this unit in humid areas or allow water to penetration into the unit. Protect the unit from dust and dirt to avoid unnecessary damage.

1) Included inside vibrating sensor that makes sound when shaking the unit, which is normal.
2) Overcurrent might blow a fuse, if the unit (all indicators) don’t light up when connected to and switches on, please check the fuse in red lead, change it when it’s broken (125W 500mA 250V).
3) Improper installation may cause a short circuit or electric shock. We recommend to have the unit installed by a professional mechanic to avoid wrong installation.
4) If in engine compartment traces of rodents are found after installation, check the power indicator but pay attention to point 2 above.


Näätä- ja jyrsijäkarkotin, Ultraääni jyrsijä Repeller hiiret, rotat, martens, weasels, Marten repeller ultraääni autoon

Tuotenro: MM_687940
Viivakoodi: 8718226879400
Paino sis. pakkaus: -gramma
Nettopaino: -gram
Outer weight: 4,21 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 32
Quantity per inner carton: -
Määrä lavaa kohti: 1152
Tuote pakattu: -mm
Mitta sisäpakkaus: -mm
Koko ulkoinen: 498x292x175mm
CBM ulkopakkausta kohti: 0,0254478m3