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MM_687925 5in1 Polttoaineenvakaaja 310 ml

- The most suitable way to protect your motorcycle during winter storage.
- Prevents fuel breakdown
- Prevents oxidation and aging of the fuel
- Reduces the formation of rubbery deposits in the carburettor and fuel system
- Prevents blockages in fuel lines
- The fuel stabilizer is easy to add to the fuel
- Facilitates starting the engine after a long standstill
- 5IN1 Fuel stabilizer keeps the complete fuel system clean
- Protects the engine parts against rust and corrosion
- Recommended for cars equipped with an LPG installation


5in1, 5 in 1, 5 IN 1

Tuotenro: MM_687925
Viivakoodi: 8718226879257
Paino sis. pakkaus: 300gramma
Nettopaino: 260gram
Outer weight: 3,90 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 12
Quantity per inner carton: -
Määrä lavaa kohti: 1260
Tuote pakattu: -mm
Mitta sisäpakkaus: -mm
Koko ulkoinen: 250x165x230mm
CBM ulkopakkausta kohti: 0,0094875m3