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320315 Juego de cinta de amarre para transporte de coches

- Ideal for securing vehicles on a trailer and a platform trailer
- Lashing capacity: 10 kN, breaking force: 48,9 kN
- Equipped with a ratchet and pointed hook
- The straps should not be stretched over sharp edges or rough surfaces
- Use several straps to secure a load
- The use of tools not provided by the manufacturer to tighten the straps is strictly forbidden
- Do NOT use worn straps. Replace them
- The straps must NOT be knotted
- May NOT be used for lifting

Palabra clave

Vehicle transport straps, Tie down system for car, Car tie down strap set, Auto tie down kit

Número de artículo: 320315
Código de barras: 8719497089833
Peso incl. embalaje: 2710gramos
Peso neto: 2610gram
Outer weight: 13,92 kg
Cantidad por caja exterior: 5
Cantidad por caja interior: -
Cantidad por palé: 270

Artículo empaquetado: 115x130x310mm

Dimensión de cartón interior: -mm
Talla exterior: 560x280x150mm
CBM caja exterior: 0,02352m3