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MM_687006 5IN1 Diesel detox 1000ml

- A multifunctional diesel cleaning product that focuses on the most common pollution problems
- Lower fuel consumption
- Increased engine reliability
- This diesel additive reduces black smoke
- Cleans dirty valves
- Burns accumulated soot particles by reducing combustion temperature
- Trouble-free operation of DPF and exhaust system combustion temperature
- Increases cetane number, lubricates the diesel pump and protects against corrosion
- Restores optimal operation of the turbocharger
- Passive regeneration of the diesel particulate filter is started faster

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Article number: MM_687006
Barcode: 8718226870063
Weight including packaging: 932gramme
Weight (net.): 820gram
Outer weight: 11,08 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 12
Quantity per inner carton: -
Quantity per pallet: 672
Packed article: -mm
Dimension inner carton: -mm
Size outer: 360x260x270mm
CBM outer: 0,025272m3